“Walking through the green Gerês!”

Medium difficulty outdoor walk and clue game with hidden enigmas in a natural environment!


To put on some boots and walk together through the stunning landscapes of the Peneda Gerês National Park is the great challenge of a day spent outdoors enjoying nature!

The paths that run along the Gerês mountain, winding with oaks and streams once crossed by Romans and other invading peoples, the geira, the ancient road that led the legionaries from Braga to Astorga, which still survives on a stretch of the old sidewalk and in the curious marcos miliários , the typical villages, the architecture of the terraces, the stalls of granaries and the freshness of the meadows of lime, all form a splendid scenery, unique in the

Let’s get to know the Peneda Gerês National Park in the most fun and challenging way possible! Endless Senses suggests a 2 to 3 hour trekking of low/medium difficulty through the heart of Gerês!
In addition to the stunning natural and rural landscapes, with their typical villages and grazing areas, where wild horses are sighted on the mountain, participants will have to discover, along the way, 10 clues in a fun and engaging game.

Questions about fauna and flora, hidden objects with enigmas to unravel and team performance tests are expected along the path that sure is enriching and unforgettable!



The path will be oriented by professional mountain guides! The interpretation of the landscape, the history and the stories of the typical places, flora and fauna, will be the basis of a fun clue game to challenge the teams along the 2 to 3 hours route! …




Walk monitoring by professional mountain guides

Roadbook, map and signposted route

Clue materials and peddy paper tests


Can include:

Outdoor picnic lunch served by a local restaurant


Video and photo reportage


IMG-20151108-WA0021 (1)
Peneda Geres National Park, Portugal, June 2011. Cascata do Arado waterfall near Geres.l In the extreme North of Portugal, between the Atlantic Coast and the Spanish border are the mountains and valleys of Peneda Geres National Park. Walk along narrow shepherd trails or on the ancient cement of Roman roads. From lush river valleys to bare rocky mountain peaks.  Photo by Frits Meyst/