Drama Teambuilding



Participants will be the actors of their own theatre play!”

Firstly, the costumes and ornaments are chosen, the script is written and the roles are distributed among the actors. Then, the general rehearsal of the play is recorded and at the end, it’s the actors who take place in this Drama Teambuilding that are going to vote for the best theatre play!



Participants will be the actors and stage directors of a famous play from the time of Kings and Queens! Participants will have to write the script of the play, select the actors for the different characters, find the best costumes and ornaments, elect the scene director, the producer, the set designer and the cameraman! You will have to discover in each of you the true talents and rehearse the final play.


We all play roles and social norms that others expect from us on a daily basis.


The challenge is to get “out of the box” and forget our inhibitions in order to unleash hidden talents and take a leading role, exploiting our creative freedom as a team! The real challenge is to build up something creative, individually and as a team!