Bow down to Coimbra: An adventure from Uptown to Downtown!

To Discover the city of Coimbra, that used to be the Roman city Aeminium two thousand years ago, and to unravel the traditions and academic praxes of the student’s city where one of the oldest universities of Europe is located, with 700 years of history, is the great challenge of this urban game and teambuilding.


The visitors of Aeminium form teams and set off for adventures in Coimbra’s Historical Centre, following the clues provided by a roadbook and a map.


Get to know the typical streets and the many places and monuments, by responding to the challenges – practical and sensory tests, or questions and enigmas.


Serenades, drama performances, academic praxes and several other challenges are waiting for you, until the end in the city’s park!



Game monitoring by qualified staff

Roadbook, map, signposted route

Materials and costumes for peddy paper games

Blind tasting of a conventual pastry

Surprise gift for members of the winning team

Can include:



Musical or theatrical entertainment during lunch

Video and photographic service

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