Sensations that turn into memorable emotions!


Dark orange and green colours get mixed with the brown colour of almond fruits, dried fruits and vegetables from the Bolhão market. The sweet scent of flowers and the appetizing smell of warm bread, sensations that invade the traveller as they enter the historic art noveau market, all built in wrought iron in the neoclassical style of the late nineteenth century, are joined to the feast of sensations.


From the open streets, the traveller enters that market already mesmerized by the old whistles of the tram, the cries of the seagulls that fly over the Atlantic city, the smell of roasted chestnuts and the proclamations of the friendly saleswomen who rehearse words in the visitors’ language! Get dazzled by the old pharmacies, patisseries and historical cafes that surround the Bolhão market and that maintain its original design in an invitation to the art and the poetry of the ambience!


Everything in Porto invites you to a mesmerizing journey through the senses, where the history of the places, the northern proclamations and the stories heard on the streets are unique relics to remember!