Mistery Dinner


The sudden death of a distinguished personality of Porto in a dinner during the 20’s came to cause panic between the guests of the Count of Malte. After suddenly disappearing, he and was found hanging on the hallway stairs of his old mansion, lifeless.



The mystery of his death was never solved. Trapped in the misfortune of his unfortunate destiny, Count of Malte’s ghost swore that he would wait for the next guests to be invited to a dinner in the noble hall of this beautiful building so he could take his revenge!

He has been wondering around the rooms and halls of Torreão for all these years, and he will only release the mansion from this horrendous curse, when someone helps him unravel the name of the responsible for his death!

He won’t leave anyone in peace…and why should he? He himself feels tormented… and everyone who dares to ignore him, will suffer!

In a dinner where nothing will be as expected, the guests will be confronted with many mysteries to unravel. And who knows…tormented by the Count of Malte’s ghost and his scary company! Will the guests be able to overcome all the remarkable events of this evening? Will they unravel the truth behind the Count’s murder and be able to leave his cursed salon unharmed?

The challenge is to step out of the comfort zone and let go of our inhibitions to set hidden talents free and assume a main role, exploring our creative freedom, as a team! The real challenge is to unravel the mystery, individually or working as a team, and have fun with something totally unexpected and mysterious!


It includes:

Dinner at a secret local

mysterious menu with sensorial entries, main course dessert and drinks

Several mysterious moments of performance wich will certainly provoke startle, laugh and commotion