“Discover the mysteries of Leiria!”

Mysterious and enigmatic game through the historical center of Leiria, unravelling mysteries

long uncovered!


Leiria is, since D. Dinis’ kingship, an important land of strategic position! The history of this place, like other medieval lands, holds many secrets and mysteries that it’s important to unveil!
Through the city roads and corners, through the castle hill, in the paper mill and other crossroads, to discover all the mysteries and tales of this city is the great challenge in this Teambuilding, that, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, turns its participants into detectives!

After finding a trunk full of clues and enigmas to unravel, the participants depart with a map in their hands and an open and curious mind, with the mission of unravelling 10 mysteries and legends that inspire many histories and sayings about that land in the center of Portugal!

Along way you will find many challenges, codes that open keys, songs that awaken ghosts and doors that open to reveal what Leiria has best to offer! A team building with challenges and cultural tests that will draw participants from their comfort zones, revealing their talents and developing social skills, team cohesion, communication and rapid conflict resolution, while simultaneously getting to know one of the cities of Portugal’s center with more history as well as one of the most beautiful castles located in Leiria’s slope!


Game monitoring by qualified staff

Roadbook and map

Materials and costumes for performances

Gifts to the winning team



Can include:

Tasting session



Musical or theatrical entertainment during lunch

Video and photographic service