“The Memory Dragon”

Team game of medium difficulty with enigmas, challenges, clues and magic!


Leprechauns and Faries, Trolls, Elfs and Bowtruckles live in this mystical universe that awakens the participants’ imagination in a mysterious clue game, filled with magic and enigmas to unveil! You will have to follow a ‘magical’ route with alternative paths that can lead to the success or to the failure of the team!

Their physical and intellectual dexterity and the ability to anticipate hazards and choose the best path will be put to the test while team dynamics, team cohesion, communication, mutual trust, goal-setting and yield under pressure are simultaneously encouraged.


You are the inhabitants of a village that got lost in the immensity of time! You wake up and do not know where you are, who your parents are, your family names, or the name of the village!
You do not know the past, nor do you know who you are in the present!

The challenge is to discover the way to the Memory Dragon great lake or cave, where the monster, with claws and fire, keeps the most beautiful and precious stone of which there is memory: The memory Stone!


Game monitoring by qualified staff

Roadbook and map

Materials and costumes for performances

Gifts to the winning team



Can include:

Tasting session



Musical or theatrical entertainment during lunch

Video and photographic service



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