Aveiro com Ria e Arte Nova! 


It’s because of the canals that intersect with the streets of Aveiro that the city is nicknamed “the Portuguese Venice” (and also because of the typical boats, the colorful moliceiros, that make this city unique in Portugal!)

Endlessenses offers a sensory game of discovering the city through the senses, giving importance to its art, history and traditions, especially the sweet-egg candies (ovos moles)!

To unravel enigmas and answer common sense question in a mysterious path, with original and challenging pictures, is the mission of this urban and cultural game, in a sensory journey from the historical train station to the river canals of the city, where a Gondola ride through the charming canals of the “Portuguese Venice” is waiting.

The event lasts 2H30 and can include a tasting session of ovos moles and a toast!