Teambuilding in Montemor-o-Velho


“Assault to the Monte Mayor castle”



Endless teambuilding in the castle of Montemor-o- Velho

Many centuries ago, the first inhabitants of Montemor-o- Velho buried two coffers inside the castle walls. The FORTUNE’s coffer and the PLAGUE’s coffer. Myth or historical fact, the truth is that even today the coffers remain hidden inside the walls, with no one daring to find them. Who will finally dare to find the FORTUNE’S coffer and to expel the Mouros of the Baixo Mondego’s territory? This is great challenge of this teambuilding!



Medieval soldiers gather in an army, and armed with a map and a roadbook begin the assault to the castle to expel the Mouros from that territory.

Along the way, they will have enigmas and mysteries to unveil and several challenges to overcome! Inside walls, the secret mission is to look for the coffers and … to be careful not to open the PLAGUE’s coffer! Who will be able to reach the castle gates, expel the Mouros and give back to the inhabitants of the Village of Monte Mayor the FORTUNE’s coffer?

A steep climb is expecting you, with effort tests, enigmas and barriers, the shield and swords construction and many other challenges until you reach the top of the castle and conquer the Wall Gates! Good luck with this teambuilding full of challenges!


Game monitoring by qualified staff

Roadbook and map

Materials and costumes for performances

Gifts to the winning team



Can include:

Tasting session



Musical or theatrical entertainment during lunch

Video and photographic service


Ameias do castelo de Montemor-o-Velho onde se arrozais do Baixo Mondego
ameias do castelo de Montemor-o-Velho