Sensory and Experiential Tourism


The 22 tramway: Wandering through Ancient Porto!


Mesmerizing sensory and colourful journey from Largo do Carmo aboard the 22 Tramway passing through the historical streets of Porto towards Batalha! The journey starts at Largo do Carmo. Aboard the historical 22 Tramway the trip is unforgettable! People run away from the rails distracted with an old whistle, others take pictures of the old yellow monster! Travellers are able to see the Clérigos’ Tower and every colour and sound of the city invade the cabin that can carry 23 seated travellers!


Endles Senses’ scavenger hunt is a real adventure through the city, passing through the São João National Theatre, through the Fernandina Wall and the breath-taking panoramic view over the Douro, interspersed with the glittering metal of Luís I bridge!


Walk through the colours and flavours of Bolhão’s market, the oldest grocery stores, full of secrets to discover, until you reach the majestic and historic Vincent! A new Ice Cream shop, a fascinating building with Art Nouveau decoration that was classified as a National Monument, which can also be Fernando Pessoa’s mirror house and has something mysterious hidden for a century that you should discover!