First King of Portugal Returns to Guimarães

Guided tour with drama performance at historical centre


Afonso Henriques returns to Guimarães!


D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, returns to Guimarães on a travel through time and finds a kingdom very different from the one he had left!


Outraged, he tells the guests how different things were in his time, what conquests he made and he explains what intrigues happened at court that separated him from his own mother! He also gives advice to those who rule Portugal nowadays!







Drama performance with an actor

Guided tour through the historical centre, Paço Ducal and Castle

Taste of conventual pastry

Flyer with a brief historical context (in English, Spanish or French)

Translation into English

Can include:

Lunch in a typical Restaurant

Transportation ou transfer

Photo and video Report

Duration time:

About 2 hours walking tour with stops.