Checkmate the kings and queens of Portugal!…



Endless teambuilding in the historical center of Guimarães


The city of Guimarães, known as the “cradle of the nation”, is a privileged setting for a CHESS game live and in color! The teams are the pawns of the great chessboard and the challenge is to discover the hidden places of the historical city, the horses, the bishops, the towers, until finally they find the queen and EVERYONE checkmate the King!

The teams are the pawns of the great CHESS GAME and scatter through the historical city to discover in hidden corners the various clues and chess pieces to complete the board.

Participants will have the help of a map. The route is labyrinthine, from the very well known Largo do Toural to the Castelo e Paço dos Duques, looking for clues and the pieces of chess that may be hidden in the most unusual and fun places! The course is conquered with the resolution of enigmas and mysteries and the overcoming of several challenges, finding ALL the pieces of the Chessboard and, in the end, CHEQUE-MATE the king!


Game monitoring by qualified staff

Roadbook and map

Materials and costumes for performances

Gifts to the winning team

Can include:

Tasting session



Musical or theatrical entertainment during lunch

Video and photographic service